How to Configure Outlook 2000 Mail Support

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2000. A box similar to the one below will appear.
    Outlook Opening Screen
  2. On the menu at the top click on "Tools".
  3. On the drop down menu that appears click on "Options". The below dialog box will appear.
  4. Click on the "Mail Delivery" tab. Shown below is the dialog box with the Mail Delivery tab selected.
    Options Mail Delivery Tab
  5. Click the "Reconfigure mail support..." button. A dialog box allowing you to select email service options will appear as shown below.
    Email Service Options
  6. You will select one of the following
    • Internet Only - Allows you to send and receive across the internet rather than on a corporate network email through accounts set up at your Internet Service Provider or workplace.
    • Corporate or Workgroup - Use this selection when you are operating on a corporate or local area network (LAN) which is usually separated from the internet by a commercial firewall.
    • No E-mail - You may select this option only if you have no accounts set up.
  7. Click the "Next" button to complete the process.