Basic Computer Tutorial

This basic computer tutorial is written for those who do not know very much about computers. The purpose of this basic computer tutorial is to help the reader better understand how to use their computer more effectively and safely. It will help the reader understand:

  • What files and file types are.
  • How to copy files.
  • Where your files are stored.
  • What the parts of your computer are.
  • What an operating system is.
  • What a computer program is.

Security and Performance

With the above basic information, this tutorial will explain methods that you can do to make your system more secure, keep your data safe by backing it up, and avoid most performance degredation caused to bad applications and SPAM.

  • How some file types can be used by third parties to gain control of your computer.
  • How to modify your file view settings so you are not as easily fooled by e-mails containing viruses.
  • How to prevent viruses and worms.
  • How to reduce SPAM.
  • How to back up your files.
  • How to reduce or eliminate unwanted programs that could reduce your system performance.
  • What to do if you receive a virus or worm.
  • What to do if you receive an e-mail telling you that an e-mail you sent contained a virus.

This basic computer tutorial gives some basic information about hardware, operating systems, and programs in the first half to help the reader understand later information about files, e-mail and computer security practices. Depending on the reader's level of knowledge, some of the basic information may be skipped and the reader may refer to the terms page if they do not understand some of the terms.

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