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Hardware Section Introduction

This section is for the placement of various hardware technology categories including:

  • Personal Computer(PC) platforms of the original IBM platform compatibility. Typical operating systems on these platforms are Windows and Linux, however software issues do not belong here.
  • Hardware dealing with Apple brand computers.
  • Hardware dealing with other computers that run systems such as UNIX
  • Hardware dealing with systems such as AS400 computers.
  • Microprocessor hardware.
  • Memory hardware.
  • Other hardware dealing with circuitry such as hardware that consists of logic gates, flip flops, field programmable gate arrays.

Firmware issues are appropriate in this area.

There are sections for articles and editorials in this main hardware subsection. These articles and editorials sections are mainly reserved for articles that compare various platforms along with other general hardware subject matter. Each subsection under articles shall also have its own articles and editorials section to address issues specific to that section.

Current Documentation:

This section includes a document describing PC beep codes. There is a document in the PC section called the "Beginning Computer Hardware Guide". It describes what is inside tha case and much about how it works. It describes the microprocessor, RAM, motherbord, expansion buss (es) (including PCI, ISA, EISA, MCI, and AGP), the hard drive construction and other storage media, the characteristics of the monitor and how to select one properly. It finishes by describing how to buy computer parts and how to shop smartly on the web to get the best prices without taking the risk of being ripped off.

Two additional documents in the PC section include a document describing the booting process of the PC and a document describing modems.