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  Beep Codes, AMI & Award BIOS beep codes

AMI BIOS beep codes
Normally a computer with an AMI bios won't beep it will just show a error message across the screen. It's usually only when the video card's not working or something very serious happens you'll get a beep code.

Beep Code
1 Short DRAMS refresh failure.
2 Short Parity circuit failure.
3 Short Base 64k RAM failure.
4 Short System timer failure.
5 Short Process failure.
6 Short Keyboard controller Gate A20 error.
7 Short Virtual mode exception error.
8 Short Display memory Read/Write test failure
9 Short ROM BIOS checksum failure.
10 Short CMOS shutdown Read/Write error.
11 Short Cache Memory error.
1 Long, 3 Short Conventional/Extended memory failure.
1 Long, 8 Short Display/Retrace test failed.

Award BIOS beep codes
Award uses the least of any of the BIOS manufactures just two codes, they prefer to display a message on the screen state the error. The only time you will get any beeps is if the video cards fails or a RAM problem.

Beep Code Description
1 Long, 2 Short A video error has occurred and the Bios cannot initialise the video screen to display any additional information.
Any other beep(s) RAM Problem.

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