1. Introduction
  2. The Computer


  3. The Case
  4. Inside the Case
  5. The Motherboard
  6. The Microprocessor
  7. The Memory
  8. The Hard Drive
  9. The CD-ROM
  10. Other Storage
  11. The Monitor
  12. Keyboard and Mouse


  13. Buying Parts and OEM, where to get manuals
  14. Shopping Smart
  15. Manufacturers
  16. Websites for Shopping

Other storage devices

Other storage devices include:

  • DVD Drive - DVD stands for Digital Video Disk. Most DVD drives use the ATAPI interface. They are available as internal or external devices. They can operate at up to 16X speeds but 8X is more common. They are primarily used for video storage but they can be used to hold audio and computer data. DVD is categorized into DVD-Video and DVD-ROM devices. The DVD-ROM device is for computer data storage.

  • Zip drives - A removable cartridge storage device that may be used to store compressed data as a data back up method. A zip drive has between a 100Mb to 2G storage capacity. Cost is usually between $45 and $350. Some zip drives can also be used to read standard 3.5 inch floppy diskettes.

  • Tape drive backup kits - Their capacity 3G to 40G. The cost range is from $200 to $1000.

More about DVD-ROM

There are five recordable versions of DVD-ROM. They can all can read DVD-ROM and DVD-Video discs, but different type of disc is used by each one for recording.

  1. DVD-R/authoring - Can record data once.

  2. DVD-R/general, - Can record data once. The capacity is 3.95 Gb or 4.7 Gb.

  3. DVD-RAM - It is not compatible with current drives. It has a storage capacity of 2.58 Gb It can be rewritten about 100,000 times The discs are expected to hold data for 30 years or more.

  4. DVD-RW - The capacity is 4.7 Gb. It can be rewritten about 1,000 times.

  5. DVD+RW - It will become available in early 2001.