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  1. Introduction
  2. CORBA
  3. DCOM
  4. RMI
  5. RPC


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The CTDP Connectivity Technology Guide Version 0.2.0 February 25, 2001


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Distributed object computing allows objects that are distributed across a network on various computers to operate in a coordinated unified manner.

Connectivity technologies allow programs on a given computer to run routines or access objects on another remote computer. Connectivity technologies include:

  • CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture from OMG.
  • DCOM - Distributed Component Object Modules from Microsoft.
  • RMI - Remote Method Invocation is a JAVA Technology allowing a computer to run object methods on a remote computer.
  • RPC - RPC, defined by RFC 1057, is a set of function calls used by a client program to call functions in a remote server program.

The client uses an interface to invoke a service from a remote distributed object. An Interface Definition Language (IDL) is used to define the remote object's interface which allows clients to access the remote object server's methods. This serves as a contract between the server and the remote or local clients.