Connectivity Technology Index


  1. Introduction
  2. CORBA
  3. DCOM
  4. RMI
  5. RPC


  6. Terms

Connectivity Technology Terms

  • BOA - Basic Object Adapter used by CORBA to interact with the ORB.
  • CLSID - Class ID is used by COM.
  • CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture from OMG.
  • DCOM - Distributed Component Object Modules from Microsoft
  • DII - Dynamic Invocation Interface supports CORBA.
  • DNA - Distributed interNet Applications Architecture from Microsoft is a technology for distributed enterprise applications. Technologies to support this are COM, DCOM, MTS, MS-DTC, MSMQ, and MSCS
  • EJB - Enterprise Java Beans. "the ability to develop and deploy scalable, transactional, multi-user secure, distributed enterprise-level server application components"
  • IDL - Interface Definition Language.
  • IID - Interface ID is used by COM.
  • IIOP - Internet Inter-ORB Protocol is used to remote objects.
  • IR - Interface Repository used by CORBA to store type information about each method in an interface.
  • J2EE - Java 2 Enterprise Edition supports thin client distributed applications using a multitiered programming model. Supporting technologies are EJB, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JTS, and RMI.
  • JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
  • JMS - Java Message Service gives Java messaging ability
  • JNDI - Java Naming and Directory Interface gives Java applications ability to utilize multiple naming and directory services.
  • JRMP - Java Remote Method Protocol
  • JTS - Java Transaction Service supports running applications by ensuring that transactions between processes complete at both sides to be considered successful.
  • Marshaling - A process where data is packaged, then transmitted between two address locations. During packaging the original data form is preserved and pointer problems are resolved.
  • MSCS - Microsoft's Clustering Technology brings small servers together to run as a group providing additional power for specific services.
  • MS-DTC - Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  • MSMQ - Microsoft Message Queue Server provides asynchronous messaging capability.
  • MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server
  • Object Serialization - A JAVA method that allows objects to be sent as a stream from one computer to another.
  • OMA - Object Management Architecture provides for a complete distributed environment. It includes both system and object oriented components. System oriented components include Object Request Brokers (ORB). Application oriented components include Common Facilities and Application Objects.
  • OMG - Object Management Group is a non-profit consortium with the purpose of promoting distributed computing systems object technology.
  • ORB - Object Request Broker is a central controller allowing CORBA objects to interact with each other. It manages the communication between components. It requires Object Services to create objects, track locations of object, and control object access.
  • ORPC - Object Remote Procedure Call is used to support DCOM.
  • POA - Portable Object Adapter used by CORBA to interact with the ORB.
  • RD - Resource Dispenser manages database connections.
  • RM - Resource Manager provides resources required for transactions.
  • RMI - Remote Method Invocation is a JAVA Technology allowing a computer to run object methods on a remote computer.
  • RPC - RPC, defined by RFC 1057, is a set of function calls used by a client program to call functions in a remote server program.
  • UUID - Universally Unique IDentifier is used by COM is also called the IID