CORBA Tutorials and Introductions (Rate)

Contains weblinks to many CORBA technical tutorials.

A Brief Tutorial on CORBA by Kate Keahey (Rate)

A brief tutorial about CORBA from Indiana University by Kate Keahey. Provides a basic understanding of CORBA including a routh component overview. (Rate)

One-Stop Developer Reference contains weblinks to many technical tutorials.

Gopalan Suresh Raj's Web Cornucopia (Rate)

This web site details the world of distributed components and is likely to be the best resource on the web in this area. It details Java and Microsoft technologies with regard to distributed components including COM, DCOM, COM+, Java/RMI, CORBA, and more.

Object Management Group (Rate)

Develops and provides standards for platform independent program development. This includes UML and the Common Object Request Broker: Architecture and Specification.

Professor Douglas C. Schmidt's CORBA Page (Rate)

Distributed Object Computing with CORBA Middleware by Douglas C. Schmidt.