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SQL Update Command

This command is used to make changes to records in tables. Syntax:

update tablename
set columnname = newvalue [,columnxname = newvaluex...]
where columnname OPERATOR value [and|or columnnamex OPERATOR valuex];

The OPERATOR is one of the conditions listed on the Select Command page.

OPERATORs include:

  • = - Equal
  • < - Less than
  • > - Greater than
  • <= - Less than or equal
  • >= - Greater than or equal
  • <> - Not equal
  • LIKE - Allows the wildcard operator, %, to be used to select items that are a partial match. An example is:

    select city, state from towntable where state like 'north%'

    This allows selection of all towns in states that begin with the word "north" allowing states like North Dakota and North Carolina to be selected.


update citylist
set population = population+1
where name = 'Argos' and
state = 'Indiana';