Hire a Specialist?

A major consideration that sooner or later most corporations will need to answer is whether or not to hire a specialist. The decision to do that will largely depend on the availablity of personnel who understand the technologies required to implement an enterprise solution. If the organization does not have access to the correct personnel, then there will be no real options but to hire a specialist. The specialist will generally perform one or more of the following basic tasks:

  1. Evaluate the organizations requirements
  2. Make a recommendation
  3. Outline a plan
  4. Implement the plan
  5. Train employees on maintanence and use of the equipment and software or possible work as contractors to perform this tasking.

In many cases steps 1 and 2 are obviously worth pursuing if for no other reason than to get an additional and possibly better recomendation than an organization may have in house. These two steps should not be too costly. The organization may go on to have the specialist outline the plan then recruit or utilize in house personnel to implement the plan. This is because steps two and three should identify the types of technologies to be used to implement the plan.