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  1. Introduction
  2. Network Model
  3. Topology
  4. Physical Media
  5. Wireless Media
  6. Network Card
  7. Modems
  8. Outside Connections
  9. Wide Area Network Connections
  10. Repeaters, Bridges, Routers
  11. Network Types
  12. Ethernet
  13. Token Ring
  14. ARCnet
  15. AppleTalk
  16. FDDI
  17. Architecture Comparisons
  18. Categories
  19. TCP/IP
  20. IPX/SPX
  21. NetBEUI
  22. AppleTalk
  23. SNA
  24. Others
  25. Suites and Network Layers
  26. Installing Drivers
  27. DNS
  28. Network Operating Systems
  29. Applications, mail, groupware, DBMS
  30. Backing up the network
  31. Troubleshooting
  32. Web, SNMP, admin, firewalls
  33. Networking Terms and Definitions
  34. Credits

Network Protocol Categories and Definitions

First of all you should be aware of the fact, that when talking about networking you will hear the word "protocol" all the time. This is because protocols are sets of standards that define all operations within a network. They may even define how devices outside the network can interact with the network. Protocols define everything from basic networking data structures, to higher level application programs. They define various services and utility programs. The protocols are outlined in Request for Comments (RFCs). Protocols operate at one or more layers of the OSI network model. A set of protocols used for networking is called a stack.

Categories of protocols:

  • Connection type
    1. Connection-oriented - A protocol that relies on connection establishment between two computers. Connection oriented protocols are considered to be reliable protocols since there is a check to be sure the data was received.
    2. Connectionless - Not relying on a connection. It is considered to be an unreliable means of communication.
  • Routing
    1. Routable - The protocol can be sent through a network router.
    2. Non-routable - Cannot be sent through a network router.

Three main commonly used protocol stacks

  • TCP/IP - Routable protocol with more overhead is used on the internet.
  • IPX/SPX - Routable medium speed protocol from Novell.
  • NetBEUI - Non routable fast protocol.