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  1. Introduction
  2. Network Model
  3. Topology
  4. Physical Media
  5. Wireless Media
  6. Network Card
  7. Modems
  8. Outside Connections
  9. Wide Area Network Connections
  10. Repeaters, Bridges, Routers
  11. Network Types
  12. Ethernet
  13. Token Ring
  14. ARCnet
  15. AppleTalk
  16. FDDI
  17. Architecture Comparisons
  18. Categories
  19. TCP/IP
  20. IPX/SPX
  21. NetBEUI
  22. AppleTalk
  23. SNA
  24. Others
  25. Suites and Network Layers
  26. Installing Drivers
  27. DNS
  28. Network Operating Systems
  29. Applications, mail, groupware, DBMS
  30. Backing up the network
  31. Troubleshooting
  32. Web, SNMP, admin, firewalls
  33. Networking Terms and Definitions
  34. Credits

Other Transport Protocols


DECnet from Digital Equipment Corporation is a suite of protocols which may be used on large networks that integrate mainframe and minicomputer systems. It is a routable protocol. DNA - Digital Network Architecture.

Data Link Control (DLC)

This protocol operates at the data link layer and is designed for communications between Hewlett-Packard network printers and IBM mainframe computers. This protocol is not routable.

Open Systems Interconnect (OSI)

A suite of protocols developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) which corresponds with the layers of the OSI model. These protocols provide a number of application protocols for various functions. The OSI protocol stack may be used to connect large systems. OSI is a routable transport protocol.