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  1. Introduction
  2. Network Models
  3. Network Layers
  4. TCP/IP Protocols
  5. Microsoft Protocols
  6. IPX/SPX Protocols
  7. AppleTalk Protocols
  8. SNA Protocols
  9. Other Protocols
  10. Authentication Protocols
  11. Encryption Protocols
  12. Tunneling Protocols
  13. Terms and Definitions
  14. Credits

Microsoft Protocols

Microsoft developed a suite of protocols around NetBIOS using NetBEUI for transport. The primary advantage of this protocol is that it is easy to configure and Microsoft claims that it runs faster. Microsoft has been switching to a wider use of TCP/IP in recent years, probably in support of larger organizational networks.

  • NetBIOS - Network Basic Input/Output allows browsing of network resources and handles basic functions of a Windows network. Two way acknowledged data transfer is used. It is a Microsoft protocol used to support Microsoft Networking. Works at the session layer. Controls the sessions between computers and maintains connections.
  • NetBEUI - NetBIOS Extended User Interface. Microsoft Protocol used to support Microsoft Networking. Provides data transportation. It is not a routable transport protocol which is why NBT exists on large networks to use routable TCP protocol on large networks. This protocol may sometimes be called the NetBIOS frame (NBF) protocol. Works at the Transport and Network layers. NetBEUI - The main protocol used for networking in the windows environment. NetBIOS Extended User Interface works at the transport layer and provides data transportation. It is not a routable transport protocol.
  • SMB - Microsoft Protocol used to support Microsoft Networking by providing redirector client to server communication. Works at the presentation layer.
Network LevelProtocols
Data LinkNDIS/NIC drivers

Other Network Support

  • NBT - NetBIOS over TCP/IP refers to NetBIOS being transported by TCP/IP rather than NetBEUI defined by RFC 1002.
  • Redirector - Directs requests for network resources to the appropriate server and makes network resources seem to be local resources.
  • NDIS and NIC driver - NDIS allows several adapter drivers to use any number of transport protocols. The NIC driver is the driver software for the network card.