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  1. Introduction
  2. Network Models
  3. Network Layers
  4. TCP/IP Protocols
  5. Microsoft Protocols
  6. IPX/SPX Protocols
  7. AppleTalk Protocols
  8. SNA Protocols
  9. Other Protocols
  10. Authentication Protocols
  11. Encryption Protocols
  12. Tunneling Protocols
  13. Terms and Definitions
  14. Credits

Network Models

When dealing with networking, you may hear the terms "network model" and "network layer" used often. Network models define a set of network layers and how they interact. There are several different network models depending on what organization or company started them. The most important two are:

  • The TCP/IP Model - This model is sometimes called the DOD model since it was designed for the department of defense It is also called the internet model because TCP/IP is the protocol used on the internet.
  • OSI Network Model - The International Standards Organization (ISO) has defined a standard called the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model. This is a seven layer architecture listed in the next section.