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  15. Software Code Review
  16. Software Code Testing Requirements
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Software Code Review

Lists requirements for software code reviews.

  • Someone other than the programmer of the code must review the code.
  • The reviewer should review for specific flaws (perspective such as memory use or thread control) at a single time.
  • Code should be checked for buffer overflows, poor structure, inadequate or inaccurate comments, and other security flaws. Comments must be logged.
  • After changes are made, the reviewer will review the changes.
  • Code is required to be compiled, be unit tested, and pass most system tests before being reviewed for flaws.
  • Set dates for code review completion but do not require formal meetings. A code review may be done by two or three people when they are available. Use no more than two reviewers for each perspective.
  • Code reviewers should be trained in spotting flaws.
  • Management should not be involved in the review process other than to be sure it is done.
  • Code shall not be redesigned in the review but review comments must be logged.
  • Coding standard violations shall be noted for fixing but not dwelt upon or blame be given.
  • After the initial code review, only review changed code or potentially affected code when changes are made.
  • Every issue from the review must be fixed or agreed by the team that it is not an issue.
  • When bugs are discovered that were not found during a code review, assess the review process to try to find a way to modify it to find those types of bugs.