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  1. Introduction
  2. Security Functions
  3. Algorithm and Protocol Types
  4. Security Protocols
  5. Security Attacks
  6. Terms
  7. Credits

Security Attacks

  • Attacks against the encryption scheme (cryptoanalytic attacks).
    • Chosen-plaintext - Same as Known-plaintext attack, but tha analyst gets to choose the known plaintext.
    • Cyphertext-only - Attempt to recover plaintext from encrypted text sent in the message.
    • Known-plaintext - Attempt to discover the key used when the analyst has access to the plaintext of the encrypted message.
    • Brute force
    • differential cryptoanalysis
    • linear cryptoanalysis
  • Passive - An attack such as listening to communications then attacking the encryption scheme off line may be done.
  • Active - A common attack of this type is the man in the middle attack. During this attack the attacker may try to convince the victim that they are communicating with another party when they are really communicating with the attacker. The attacker may use the attack to gain passwords or other vital information.
  • Dictionary attack - A means attacking a system to determine passwords from hashed or encrypted passwords.