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  1. Introduction
  2. Security Functions
  3. Algorithm and Protocol Types
  4. Security Protocols
  5. Security Attacks
  6. Terms
  7. Credits

Computer Security Terms

  • Ciphertext - Text or data that has been enciphered such that unauthorized persons should be unable to read it.
  • decipher - The act of taking text that is enciphered so unauthorized persons cannot read it and processing it into plain text or data that can be read or used.
  • encipher - The act of taking plain text or data and processing it into ciphertext so unauthorized personnel cannot read it or use it.
  • MAC - Message Authentification Code
  • MDC - Manipulation Detection Code
  • MIC - Message Integrity Check
  • One way hash functions - A function that can be easily performed one way but is difficult or impossible to reverse.
  • plaintext - Normal text or data, before the enciphering process or after the deciphering process.
  • Salting - Adding random data to a password prior to performing a one way hash on it. This is a means of stopping a dictionary attack.