Backup Policy

1.0 Overview
This policy defines the backup policy for computers within the organization which are expected to have their data backed up. These systems are typically servers but are not necessarily limited to servers. Servers expected to be backed up include the file server, the mail server, and the web server.

2.0 Purpose
This policy is designed to protect data in the organization to be sure it is not lost and can be recovered in the event of an equipment failure, intentional destruction of data, or disaster.

3.0 Scope
This policy applies to all equipment and data owned and operated by the organization.

4.0 Definitions

  1. Backup - The saving of files onto magnetic tape or other offline mass storage media for the purpose of preventing loss of data in the event of equipment failure or destruction.
  2. Archive - The saving of old or unused files onto magnetic tape or other offline mass storage media for the purpose of releasing on-line storage room.
  3. Restore - The process of bringing off line storage data back from the offline media and putting it on an online storage system such as a file server.

5.0 Timing
Full backups are performed nightly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If for maintenance reasons, backups are not performed on Friday, they shall be done on Saturday or Sunday.

6.0 Tape Storage
There shall be a separate or set of tapes for each backup day including Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. There shall be a separate or set of tapes for each Friday of the month such as Friday1, Friday2, etc. Backups performed on Friday or weekends shall be kept for one month and used again the next month on the applicable Friday. Backups performed Monday through Thursday shall be kept for one week and used again the following appropriate day of the week.

7.0 Tape Drive Cleaning
Tape drives shall be cleaned weekly and the cleaning tape shall be changed monthly.

8.0 Monthly Backups
Every month a monthly backup tape shall be made using the oldest backup tape or tape set from the tape sets.

9.0 Age of tapes
The date each tape was put into service shall be recorded on the tape. Tapes that have been used longer than six months shall be discarded and replaced with new tapes.

10.0 Responsibility
The IT department manager shall delegate a member of the IT department to perform regular backups. The delegated person shall develop a procedure for testing backups and test the ability to restore data from backups on a monthly basis.

11.0 Testing
The ability to restore data from backups shall be tested at least once per month.

12.0 Data Backed Up
Data to be backed up include the following information:

  1. User data stored on the hard drive.
  2. System state data
  3. The registry

Systems to be backed up include but are not limited to:

  1. File server
  2. Mail server
  3. Production web server
  4. Production database server
  5. Domain controllers
  6. Test database server
  7. Test web server

13.0 Archives
Archives are made at the end of every year in December. User account data associated with the file and mail servers are archived one month after they have left the organization.

14.0 Restoration
Users that need files restored must submit a request to the help desk. Include information about the file creation date, the name of the file, the last time it was changed, and the date and time it was deleted or destroyed.

15.0 Tape Storage Locations
Offline tapes used for nightly backup shall be stored in an adjacent building in a fireproof safe. Monthly tapes shall be stored across town in our other facility in a fireproof safe.

This policy may contain descriptions about how various systems and types of systems are backed up such as Windows or UNIX systems.