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  1. Introduction
  2. Your Needs
  3. What to Protect
  4. Security Policies
  5. Security Policy Requirements
  6. Incident Procedures
  7. Security Categories
  8. Software Vulnerability Control
  9. Hostile Software
  10. Network Layout
  11. Traffic Filtering
  12. Mail
  13. Firewall Protection
  14. Network Intrusion Detection
  15. Network Port Scanning
  16. Network Tools
  17. Passwords
  18. Types of Attacks
  19. Protocol Use
  20. Entry Points
  21. Cost
  22. Application Level Protection
  23. System Protection
  24. User Issues
  25. Other Recommendations
  26. Terms
  27. Credits

Basic Security Recommendations


Of course important data should be periodically backed up. One additional protection mechanism is to use software such as Norton Utilities to take a snapshot of your system. It can record disk partition information to a floppy, and this can be used to restore a system if a virus destroys computer system disk partition information.

Organizational Policies

Develop an organizational security policy and educate all users about the policy. Write a virus procedure to be implemented when a virus is discovered.