Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery as related to computer technology and businesses in general relates to the process of recovering from a disaster. Because many businesses are so dependant on computer technology, a very important part of business disaster recovery is concerned with the recovery of the business computer systems and data. Many businesses today could not survive the loss of their data.

A businesses or organization's ability to recover from a disaster varies with planning. There is much effort put into disaster recovery methods today. Although there are many computer technologies that provide system or component level redundancy, the implementation of these systems, although worthwhile, are no replacement for business disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning.

A disaster recovery plan should be created which will be based on an analysis of possible disaster scenerios. The cost of loss of data and equipment along with probablilites of the threat occuring should be considered to help determine a reasonable budget to apply to being prepared for disasters.

Once disaster scenaries have been analyzed and a budget created, the organization can determine what equipment or plant can be purchased for specific disaster scenarios.