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  1. VPN Introduction
  2. IPSEC Introduction
  3. IPSEC Security Associations
  4. Authentication Header
  5. IPSEC Encapsulating Security Payloads
  6. Key Management
  7. Terms
  8. Credits

Security Terms

  • AH - Authentication header
  • Address Management - For clients, a private address must be assigned and kept private
  • Authentication - Users must be authenticated to be sure no unauthorized persons are using the VPN. A security policy server may be used for this function. Digital certificates may be used for stronger authentication. A certificate server may be used to generate digital certificates.
  • IP Sec - Internet Protocol Security
  • Key Management - Encryption keys must be generated.
  • NAS
  • SA - Security associations used to specify the security protocol to be used for IP Sec.
  • Tunneling (Encryption) - Data packets are encrypted, encapsulated into another protocol and transmitted between two locations