JavaScript Frame Object

Frame Object Properties

The JavaScript Frame object is the representation of an HTML FRAME which belongs to an HTML FRAMESET. The frameset defines the set of frame that make up the browser window. The JavaScript Frame object is a property of the window object.


  • frames - An array of frames in a window or frame set.
  • name - The name of the frame. It is defined using the name attribute of the <frame> tag.
  • length - The length of the frames array.
  • parent - The parent of the current frame.
  • self - The current frame.

Frame Object Methods

  • blur()
  • focus()
  • setInterval()
  • clearInterval()
  • setTimeout(expression, milliseconds) - Makes a timeout value and returns a timeout ID. After the number of milliseconds expire, the expression is run.
  • clearTimeout(timeout)


  • onBlur
  • onFocus