JavaScript Image Object

The JavaScript Image Object is a property of the document object.


  • border - The width of the border around the image in pixels.
  • complete - A boolean value which identifies whether an image is completely loaded yet.
  • height - The read only height of the image in pixels.
  • hspace - The read only amount of horizontal space to the left and right sides of the image.
  • lowsrc - The read or write string giving the URL of an alternate image for low resolution screen display.
  • name - The assigned name of the image.
  • prototype - Used for adding user-specified properties to the image.
  • src - The URL of the image to be displayed. It is a read/write string.
  • vspace - The read only vertical space above and below the image.
  • width - The read only width of the image in pixels.


  • onAbort
  • onError
  • onLoad