Printing a file in Perl

The following code will print a file to standard output. When responding to client queries through the webserver, whatever is printed to the standard output is sent to the client computer by the web server.


print "Content-type: image/gif","\n\n";  #MIME header for web server
open(GIFILE,"perl1.gif") || die "<center>
  <H3>Cannot open gif file.</H3></center>";
while (read(GIFILE, $buf, 8192))
   print $buf;

This Example prints an HTML file to the standard output and thereby sends it to the client web browser:

# A Perl program that draws a Web page.
print "Content-type: text/html", "\n\n";	# MIME header.

open(HTMLFILE, "ospoll.html") || die "
  <center><H3>Sorry, I cannot open HTML pollfile.</H3></center>";
while (read(HTMLFILE, $buffer, 16384))  #Print the Poll HTML file
    print $buffer;

# End