SSI Time String Format

Shows the SSI time format and what the characters mean. The SSI time string format is used with the SSI config command with the parameter "timefmt".

ADay of the weekMonday
%aAbbreviated day of the weekMon
%BMonth nameNovember
%bAbbreviated month nameNov
%DDate as MM/DD/YY12/25/77
%dDate as two digits04
%eDate as one digit4
%H24 hour time18
%I12 hour time06
%jNumeric day of the year214
%mNumeric month06
%pAM or PMPM
%rTime as HH:MM:SS with AM or PM08:45:54 PM
%T24-hour time as HH:MM:SS08:45:54
%UWeek of the year14
%wNumeric day of the week2
%WWeek of the year14
%yTwo digits of the year77
%ZTime zoneEST