Website Creation Tutorial Terms

  • Frames - Frames are a method of allowing more than one HTML file page to be loaded in a web browser window. Many webcrawlers do not search to web pages that are linked from a frameset page.
  • HTML - HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the format most web documents are placed in to be made available for viewing. HTML is simply used to indicate to the web browser, how to display the content. It uses elements consisting of sets of tags (beginning and end tag) to mark the type of elements such as paragraphs, headers, lists, and tables.
  • Search engine - A search engine is a web site that searches web listings. The web listings may be provide by categorized sites such as or they may be created by web crawlers. Search engines allow web surfers to find websites that have information based on keyword search criteria. Some search engines are edited by humans and some are done with automatic programs such as webcrawlers.
  • SSI - Server Side Includes are normally used to place the same notices on many pages. This way, if the notice is changed, multiple pages do not need to be edited. Only the notice page is changed. Ste the CTDP SSI manual for technical information about SSI.
  • Web crawler - A web crawler is a program that goes to web sites and creates an index of pages based on a description, title, and keywords found in the web page header and in the content.