XML OSD describes XML components and their relationships with other components. This technology is supported and used by Microsoft. It is used to install and register software components on client computers. Open Software Description (OSD) elements used in an OSD specification and some attributes include:

  • ABSTRACT - Used to provide a summary of information about the software.
  • CODEBASE - Defines the URL where the installation files are located.
  • IMPLEMENTATION - Describes the hardware of operating system the package may be installed on.
  • OS
  • SOFTPKG - This element begins and ends an OSD file. Some attributes are listed below.
    • name
    • version
  • TITLE - The title of the package.
  • VM

Distribution units are packaged with Compressed Cabinent Files (CAB) and INF or OSD files. The INF or OSD files contain the installation information. The above elements are used to provide the installation information for the software to be installed on the client machine. It specifies various limitations or ability of the package to be installed on various operating system platforms. The OSD file also includes the title and version of the package.


FrontPage, HoTMetaL The most widely used parser for SGML and XML is nsgmls, part of the SP suite written by James Clark