XML Terms

Provides some XML terms with meanings.

  • CDF - Channel Definition Format
  • DOM - Document Object Model is a group of objects that represent parts of an XML document.
  • DSO - Data Source Object programming model allows scripts or data binding to be used to display an XML document from HTML.
  • DSSSL -Document Style and Semantics Specification Language is a standard used to support SGML document transformation and display.
  • DTD - Document Type Definition
  • EBNF - Extended Backus-Naur Format is a standard format used to declare programming languages used by XML.
  • OSD - Open Software Description
  • RDF - Resource Description Framework is used to describe resources and their relationships to each other.
  • SAX - Simple API for XML
  • SGML - Standardized Generalized Markup Language is an international standard, ISO 8879:1986.
  • XLL - Extensible linking Language