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CTDP Website Locations

This website is mirrored at several locations for the following reasons:

  1. In case of drastic server failure, users may have alternate sites.
  2. Some users have received errors when trying to use the site, this allows alternate locations in case of temporary problems.
  3. Various websites have advantages and disadvantages over others.
This page will contain information on the sites and the advantages of using them.

For most occasions, the downtownhost site is the best site to use since information at that site will remain the most current and access should be more reliable.

  • advantages:
    1. We have purchased our own domain name and the Owner of has generously sponsored this project by hosting the site.
    2. Does not contain advertisements on any web page.
    3. Completely up to date with the very latest.
    4. This site will support additional features such as polls, forms and other items for user feedback.
  • advantages:
    1. Reasonably up to date.
    2. Use this site to view documentation only if we begin experience extensive use and we post a notice about it.


  • Java:
    • Java Reference