Contract Writer


Contract Writers write contracts and requests for proposals (RFP) from vendors. Contract writers will work with all parts of the organization needing contracts or RFPs.

Skills Required

Contract writers must be excellent written and verbal communicators. Contract writers must have knowledge...

Policies Affecting Contract Writers

Must Take Specific action

  • Privacy and Confidentiality Policy - When working with vendors and contractors, the Contract writer must have documentation from the organization and its information technology department to provide to vendors and contractors to assure them that any confidential information received is protected using due diligance. Some general steps about security measures should be described but not detailed enough to allow black hats to get any use from the information.
  • #Third Party Identification Policy - The contract writer must be sure third parties will comply with this policy especially regarding services that are provided to the organization.
  • #Third Party IT Service Policy - Contract writers and bid awarders must ensure that contractors agree to abide by organizational policies and all aspects of this policy in the contract.
  • Software Standards Policy - When purchases of software are made or contractors write software for the organization, contract writers must be sure the contract requires this policy to be complied with.
  • Development Life Cycle Policy - Contract writers must be sure proper development steps are required in the contract to meet the business need.
  • #Contracting Policy - Contract writers must be sure all contracts specify all the requirements in this policy.
  • #Supplier Policy - Contract writers must be sure all third party services and suppliers meet the requirements. Suppliers must be properly assessed and contacts with these suppliers must be documented with a person assigned to manage the contact.

Must be Aware

  • Wireless Communication Policy - Must be sure wireless equipment purchased is on the approval list.
  • Encryption Policy - Contract writers must be aware of this policy and when encryption is involved, be sure contracts cover it appropriate to the business need.
  • Preventative Maintenance Policy - Contract writers should be aware of this policy and question be sure preventative maintenance is available for purchases of hardware, software, or services under contract.
  • Acquisition and Maintenance Policy - Contract writers must be sure purchased equipment uses a standard or current technology supported by and approved by the organization.
  • Internal Controls Policy - Contract writers should be aware of this policy and comply as required by only making duly authorized purchased.

Affects Job but Awareness not Required