Depot Staff


Equipment is received at depot and distributed. Depot Staff regulate control of equipment tracking locations and requiring proper disposal or performing disposals. Also tracks off the shelf software and licensing. Controls purchase and tracking of printers, fax machines and other office equipment, possibly includin office supplies. Works with all parts of the organization, especially purchasing agents.

Skills Required

Depot staff must be excellent written and verbal communicators. Depot staff must have knowledge...

Policies Affecting Depot Staff

Must Take Specific action

  • Internet DMZ Equipment Policy - Must be sure purchased equipment is listed in the enterprise management system with correct information about the equipment and the administrative and business contacts.
  • Router Security Policy - Must be sure an entry is created for purchased routers in the enterprise management system at the time of purchase with appropriate contact information for administrators and owners according to section 4 of the Internet DMZ Equipment Policy.
  • Asset Control Policy - Must be sure purchased assets are entered into the asset tracking database.
  • Equipment and Media disposal Policy - Must be sure equipment is properly disposed of according to the policy.
  • IT Equipment Purchase and Failure Prevention Policy - Depot staff should work with purchasing agents to help enforce this policy.
  • Software Tracking Policy - Depot staff must work with purchasing agents to be sure newly purchased software is logged in the software library tracking system.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Policy - Depot staff must work with purchasing agents to be sure this policy is followed when purchases involve intellectual policy. They must be sure all property that is intellectual property is entered into the appropriate property tracking database upon purchase.

Must be Aware

  • Physical Security Policy - Depot staff should be aware of this policy knowing that server equipment should be placed in hosting centers with physical security.

Affects Job but Awareness not Required