Policies Section
  1. Software Project Lifecycle
  2. Best Project Development Method
  3. Software Project Documentation Requirements
  4. Software Project Documentation Standards
  5. Project Planning Phase
  6. Functional Requirements Specification
  7. Project Charter
  8. Project Plan
  9. Project Analysis Phase
  10. Project Design Phase
  11. Project Development Phase
  12. Programming Standards
  13. Project Testing Phase
  14. Software Test Plan
  15. Project Implementation Phase
  16. Software Installation Manual
  17. Software Maintenance Plan
  18. Configuration Management Plan
  19. Users Guide
  20. Project Maintenance Phase
Policies Section

6 Project Analysis Phase

During the project analysis phase requirements are further determined and documented. The technical team should work with the customers during this part of the project life cycle to get complete requirements. During this phase a specific description (Functional Requirements Specification) of the software to be written should be created.

During the project analysis phase of a systems development life cycle (SDLC) the following tasks should be started or completed:

  • Design project security features
  • Determine project change management methods
  • Complete the project plan

A project plan should be:

Project Security Features

Project security features should be designed incorporating access control requirements into the design. These security features should be based both on the security needs of the application along with the security needs of the organization.

Change Management


The following documents will be created or started:

  • Functional Requirements Specification should be completed.
  • Project Plan should be completed.

Project Plan

  • List project managers, stakeholders
  • Define communication methods such as regular project meetings
  • "(from myproject plan document)Include roles and responsibilities, project phases, expected deliverables, project functionalities, and more.
  • 1. project purpose
  • background
  • objectives
  • scope
  • reference standards for system controls, quality assurance, and project management
  • Identify type and quality of documentation to be produced during the project life cycle along with when it should be produced."
  • schedule major project phases and milestones with built in flexability which is narrowed as the project matures.
  • name resources to use on the project in terms of personnel and equipment.