Policies Section
  1. Software Project Lifecycle
  2. Best Project Development Method
  3. Software Project Documentation Requirements
  4. Software Project Documentation Standards
  5. Project Planning Phase
  6. Functional Requirements Specification
  7. Project Charter
  8. Project Plan
  9. Project Analysis Phase
  10. Project Design Phase
  11. Project Development Phase
  12. Programming Standards
  13. Project Testing Phase
  14. Software Test Plan
  15. Project Implementation Phase
  16. Software Installation Manual
  17. Software Maintenance Plan
  18. Configuration Management Plan
  19. Users Guide
  20. Project Maintenance Phase
Policies Section

7 Project Design Phase

During the project design phase of the systems development life cycle the designers determine the structure of the code, how it will work, and the main modules. Sometimes prototype tools are used to build mock up designs.

Create a Software Design Plan - Should detail the main software modules and what they do. Should show program flow and how the different modules are used by each software function. Should map major dependencies between modules. Show interfaces between modules and users.

Create design specifications from information in the project charter, the project plan, and functional requirements specification.

Operations, maintenance, and user manuals should be written in draft form during this phase. A preliminary test plan should be started.

Design in project security features such as application controls as named in the project plan. Include auditing and automated control features as part of the plan. Automated controls will check user and administrator data input into the system to be sure it is correct. This will not only be convenient for the user, but it will prevent many security attacks. The data may be checked on the client side when it is entered, but it must always be checked on the server side.


The following documents will be created or started:

  • Software Design Plan should be created.
  • Software test plan should be started.
  • User's Guide should be started.
  • Software Installation Manual should be started.
  • Software Maintenance Plan should be started.