Policies Section
  1. Software Project Lifecycle
  2. Best Project Development Method
  3. Software Project Documentation Requirements
  4. Software Project Documentation Standards
  5. Project Planning Phase
  6. Functional Requirements Specification
  7. Project Charter
  8. Project Plan
  9. Project Analysis Phase
  10. Project Design Phase
  11. Project Development Phase
  12. Programming Standards
  13. Project Testing Phase
  14. Software Test Plan
  15. Project Implementation Phase
  16. Software Installation Manual
  17. Software Maintenance Plan
  18. Configuration Management Plan
  19. Users Guide
  20. Project Maintenance Phase
Policies Section

Project Planning Phase

During the project planning phase of a systems development life cycle (SDLC) the following tasks should be started or completed.

  • Determine the project purpose.
  • Determine who the project stakeholders are.
  • Determine expected benefits of the project.
  • Determine how the project will help the organization with its business strategies.
  • Determine project risk.
  • Estimate project costs - This will require input from technical managers and/or technical staff..
  • Determine project feasibility - Weigh the project costs against the project benefits and risk to determine how feasable the project is. A Feasibility Study document may be created.
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of teams and staff.
  • Specify project goals and requirements.
  • Specify project deliverables.
  • Create and complete a Project Charter document including information about the project purpose, stakeholders, expected project benefits, and more.
  • Begin a Project Plan - Include roles and responsibilities, project phases, expected deliverables, project functionalities, and more.
  • Begin a Functional Requirements Specification based on the project purpose, expected benefits, and project goals and requirements.
  • Begin thinking about how project change will be managed.
  • Schedule and milestones - Determine the project schedule requirements and with help of the teams that will work on the project, begin to determine when the project cycles will be complete, when deliverables should be due, and what the main milestones are and when the main milestones should be scheduled.

During the project planning phase responsibilities and roles of teams and possibly team members are determined. Project goals are specified, project stakeholders are identified, and project deliverables and basic project requirements are defined. The project risk is assessed. An initial budget is created. The following documents will be created or started:

  • Project Feasibility Study may be created.
  • Project Charter should be created and approved.
  • Project Plan should be started.
  • Functional Requirements Specification should be started during the planning phase and completed before the end of the analysis phase.

    Project Risk

    Risk - Goes up when changing:

    • system requirements
    • Technology used - unfamiliar
    • Team - new members
    • Program design methods and management methods
    • development language
    • tools
    • operating system
    • software documentation standards
    • software requirements standards
    • software contract requirements
    • software development process
    • software project life cycle
    • systems development life cycle (SDLC)
    • change management
    • configuration management