Printer and Computer Naming Policy

Version: 1.00Issue Date: 12/16/2014

All computers, servers, and printers have a name which identifies them to other systems and people on the network.

This Printer and Computer Naming Policy is intended to ensure consistant naming of devices to prevent conflicts and to increase efficiency by making it internally possible to quickly identify computers and printers. Not having a Printer and Computer Naming Policy can make it difficult to manage sets of computers and other devices on the network.

1.0 Overview

This Printer and Computer Naming Policy is an internal IT policy and defines the requirements for the naming of servers, printers, and other devices on the network. This policy should not be shared with the general public.

2.0 Purpose

This Printer and Computer Naming Policy is designed to make management of networked systems easier by having a uniform naming policy for the objects on that network.

3.0 Scope

This Printer and Computer Naming Policy applies to all servers, printers, workstations, routers, and networking equipment owned and operated by the organization which will require a name. This policy is effective as of the issue date and does not expire unless superceded by another policy.

4.0 Naming Policy

The Printer and Computer Naming Policy will consider the following: (The listings in this policy are examples and are not any set recommendations but only one possible naming convention)

  • Device Function - A set of three characters will indicate device function as follows:
    • WKS - Workstation
    • FSV - File server
    • MSV - Mail server
    • WSV - Web server
    • ASV - Application server
    • DSV - Database server
    • RTR - Router
    • LPR - Laser printer
    • IPR - Ink Jet printer
    • FRW - Firewall
    If a device has multiple functions, it should be designated using its primary or most important function.
  • Date of Purchase or serial number of device from asset tracking database.
  • Department which uses the device. Each department shall be designated with a set 4 character value. The organization will also be designated a 4 character value for equipment used by the entire organization. (Examples are Accounting (ACCT), Human Resources (HURE), Information Technology (TECH))
  • The position of the user of the device designated by 8 characters. If the device, such as a printer, is shared by users, these values may be blanked or indicate a group.

The device shall be named with dashes between each part of the name such as "WKS-071399-ACCT-ACCOUNTL1".

9.0 Enforcement

Since proper naming of computers and other devices is important to prevent conflicts and avoid confusion when managing the network, employees that purposely violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including denial of access, legal penalties, and/or dismissal.


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