IP Address Assignment Policy

Version: 1.00Issue Date: 12/16/2014

This IP Address Assignment Policy is intended to ensure that the network and network segments run effectively without conflicts and ensure that unauthorized devices do not run on the network or can be detected and shut down.

1.0 Overview

This IP Address Assignment Policy is an internal IT policy which defines how IP addresses are assigned.

2.0 Purpose

This IP Address Assignment Policy is required to provide network security and stability by preventing the use of unauthorized devices such as wireless devices without authorization and by preventing network address conflicts.

3.0 Scope

This IP Address Assignment Policy applies to all networked devices operated on organizational premises or functioning on the organizational network. All third parties operating computer equipment on the organizational network must comply with this policy. This policy is effective as of the issue date and does not expire unless superceded by another policy.

4.0 Networkable Device Registration

  • All MAC addresses must be registered to get an IP automatically. Contractors and business partners who bring their networkable equipment onto organizational premises must provide the MAC address of their equipment.
  • Any system that will operate on the organizational network must be checked for malware and proper security configuration before operating on the network as specified by the Mobile Computer Device Policy

5.0 Enforcement

Since network management is important to maintain the security of the organizational network and prevent unauthorized data disclosure, employees that purposely violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including denial of access, legal penalties, and/or dismissal. Any employee aware of any violation of this policy is required to report it to their supervisor or other authorized representative.

6.0 Other Policies

  • Mobile Computer Device Policy

7.0 Other Requirements

  • Determine how to prevent manual setting of IP addresses which could cause network conflicts. Possibly establish penalities for violation of the policy such as contractors may pay a cash penalty against their contract.


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