Studies have indicated that performance can be effected by the office environment. For instance when deep thought is required for projects such as research and development more noise and interruptions may greatly decrease productivity. The worker can get into a deep flow of thought about a problem, then when interrupted, it takes some time to get back into that flow of thought. Anyone who has worked in technical areas should be aware of this thought process. Studies have indicated the following:

  • There should be a reasonable minimum of private workspace and deskspace.
  • Workers should have times when they are reasonably free of interruptions.
  • Work areas should be reasonably quiet.

If you believe that additional office space is expensive, you're right. Now, imagine the expense of a 50% or greater reduction in worker productivity due to noisy and cramped quarters. What would be the total loss to your organization? Read the referenced books for more information on this issue.

My Ideal Workspace Environment

My ideal workspace environment is a common work area with team member offices surrounding it. The common work area would have whiteboard, and tables where members can gather together to work on team projects with other team members. They can use their offices for quiet research and problem solving.

Miscellaneous Ideas

These ideas may help team cohesiveness.

  • Use an outdoor area for temporary workspace during appropriate seasons.
  • Utilize a common eating area.