1. Project Business Requirements Gathering
  2. Business Administration Requirements
  3. System/Project Requirements
  4. Data Requirements
  5. Access Control Requirements
  6. User Interface Requirements
  7. Application Administrator Interface Requirements
  8. System Administrator Interface Requirements
  9. Hardware and Server Requirements
  10. Software Requirements
  11. Interconnecting Systems
Management Section

Business Administration Requirements

Business administration requirements are concerned with administrative action to be taken to support the business including employees and contractors agreeing to abide by set policies. Other activities purpose is to ensure the business continues to operate in unusual circumstances or to provide processes to remedy problems.

  • Is there a business continuity plan for the business processes associated with this project?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan covering this project?
  • Is there an incident process which covers system outtages and security incidents?
  • Is there a way for users to get help when they have problems using the system?
  • Have users and administrators signed policy agreements and are they required?
  • Have users and administrators signed background checks and are they required?
  • What user or administrator training is required?
  • Identify policies and procedures that apply to this project.
  • Are change procedures required for this project?
  • Are changes to the system logged?
  • Can help desk personnel access information about changes to the system so they can help users?
  • Are help desk personnel trained in how to help system users and do they have knowledge of the system?
  • Are code versions kept documented?
  • Are all systems and software properly licensed?
  • Are systems covered by a service agreement so they are repaired in a timely manner if they fail?
  • Are spare parts or systems available to keep services operational (even if temporarily)in the event of a failure?
  • Are lists of contacts available so administrators of various systems can be contacted?
  • Are accounts that are created for each staff member tracked so they can notify administrators of systems to de-activate the accounts when staff members leave the organization? Does the Human Resources department know who to notify?