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  1. Introduction

    Files and File Structure

  2. File Structure
  3. Configuration Files
  4. File Formats


  5. Filesystem Management
  6. File Management and Viewing
  7. Help, Job and Process Management
  8. Network Management
  9. System Management
  10. User Management
  11. Printing and Programming
  12. Document Preparation
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. Credits

Linux Network Management


dnsdomainnameShow the systems DNS domain name
domainnameShow or set the systems domain name
hostnameUsed to show or set the name of your machine for networking
nisdomainname Show or set systems NIS/YP domain name
nodenameShow or set the systems DECnet node name
ypdomainname Show or set the system's NIS/YP domain name

Network setup and commands

arpThis program lets the user read or modify their arp cache.
dig(1) Send domain name query packets to name servers for debugging or testing.
fingerDisplay information about the system users.
ftpFile transfer program.
ifconfigConfigure a network interface.
ifdownShutdown a network interface.
ifupBrings a network interface up. Ex: ifup eth0
ipchainsIP firewall administration used to set input, forward, and output rules.
netconfA GUI interactive program to let you configure a network on Redhat systems.
netconfigAnother GUI step by step network configuration program.
netstatDisplays information about the systems network connections, including port connections, routing tables, and more. The command "netstar -r" will display the routing table.
nslookupUsed to query DNS servers for information about hosts.
pftpSame as ftp.
pingSend ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts.
portmapDARPA port to RPC program number mapper. Must be running to make RPC calls.
rarpManipulate the system's RARP table.
rcpRemote file copy. Copies files between two machines.
rexecRemote execution client for an exec server. The host uses the rexecd server.
ripqueryQuery RIP gateways. Request all routes known by an RIP gateway by sending an RIP request.
rloginStarts a terminal session on a remote host.
routeShow or manipulate the IP routing table.
rshExecutes command on remote host.
rupDisplays summary of current system status of a remote host or all hosts on the network.
ruptimeShow host status of local machines.
rwhodSystem status server, maintains database used by rwho and ruptime.
showmountShow mount information for an NFS server.
tcpdAccess control facility for internet services. Can be set up to monitor requests for Telnet, finger, ftp, exec, rsh, rlogin, tftp, talk, comsat. It filters access for these requests.
tcpdchkTcp wrapper configuration checker.
tcpdumpDump traffic on a network. Prints out headers of packets that match the boolean expression.
tcpdmatchPredicts how the tcp wrapper will handle a specific request for a service.
TelnetUser interface to the TELNET protocol, setting up a remote console session.
traceroutePrint the route that packets take to the specified network host.
ipx_configureTool to setup Netware access.
ncpmountNetware filesystem mounting program.
nprintNovell print command.
pqlistNetware printer list for a given server.
pserverNetware print server.
slistNetware server list.

Communications commands (includes mail)

biffNotifies the system if mail arrives and who it is from.
comsatBiff server to receive reports of incoming mail.
expireUsed to purge old news articles.
elmElectronic mail.
ftpFile transfer protocol.
mailxBerkley mail program.
metasendInterface for sending non-text mail.
nnNet news.
pineProgram for internet news and e-mail, Can send documents, graphics, local & remote messages.
sendmailA popular Unix, Linux mail message transfer agent.
smailA popular mail message transfer agent which is easier to set up than sendmail.
talkLets two parties talk simultaneously.
telnetAllows a user to have a login session across a network on a remote host.
tinNet news reader.
writeAllows users to directly interact with other users via terminal number (one way at a time).