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  1. Linux Manual
  2. Installation & Internet
  3. About the Author
  4. Content
  5. Installation
  6. Choosing a Linux Distribution
  7. Partition types
  8. Fdisk
  9. Understanding Mount Point /mnt
  10. Linux File Structure
  11. Creating a boot disk
  12. Welcome to Linux Installation
  13. Installation mode
  14. Partitioning
  15. Creating partitions with Druid
  16. Creating partitions manually
  17. Formatting Partitions
  18. Individual packages selection
  19. The root account
  20. Network configuration
  21. The time zone
  22. Configuring Services
  23. Configuring X
  24. Installing Mandrake 9.1 & 9.2
  25. Installation Class
  26. The Drake X Partitioning
  27. Package Selection
  28. Configuring X
  29. The Internet
  30. Creating a new user
  31. Getting online
  32. Configuring the connection (Dial UP)
  33. High Speed Internet
  34. DSL Modems and Cable modems
  35. Connecting DSL as DHCP
  36. Setting up a Plain Cable Modem (DOCSIS)
  37. Connecting an ISDN
  38. Using Routers
  39. Login Protocols
  40. PPPoE
  41. WAN IP Address
  42. Commercial Configuration
  43. Troubleshooting

The time zone

The time zone might be already correct based on the language you selected earlier. Click on it to change it, if is not correct.

Setting Linux Timezone
Fig. 1.28
  • Select your correct time zone and click OK.
  • Select hardware Clock set GMT


CUPS, is the default printing system for Mandrake Linux 9.0, but "PDQ" (Print don't queue) is also an option. If you will set up a print server you should use cups. CUPS allow you to queue documents when a lot of users on the network are trying to print. You can install your printer now during the install process or wait after installation to use the Mandrake control center to install the printer.

Linux Printing
Fig. 1.29

The installation wizard gives you options to install:

  • Local printer
  • Printer on remote lpd server
  • Network printer (TCP/socket)
  • Printer on Samba/windows 95, 98, NT and server
  • Enter a printer device URL
  • Printer auto detection local TCP and Samba

After your printer installation, the wizard comes back to the summary windows click ok to continue.