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  1. Agustin's Linux Manual
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  3. About the Author
  4. Contents
  5. Administration
  6. Terminals
  7. Command Basics
  8. Root Directory
  9. Executing Commands
  10. File specs
  11. File Permission
  12. How permissions are assigned
  13. Change ownership chown
  14. Running multiple commands
  15. Killing Processes
  16. Bash configuration files
  17. VI Editor
  18. Creating path environment
  19. Midnight Commander
  20. Linuxconf Utility
  21. Networking
  22. Domain Name Service DNS
  23. Router and Gateway
  24. Adding Users
  25. User Accounts
  26. Managing Groups
  27. Mounting File System
  28. NFS Mounts
  29. Disk Quotas
  30. Run levels
  31. Linuxconf Control
  32. Mandrake Control Center
  33. Creating a Boot Disk
  34. Switching Boot Mode
  35. Hardware Configurations
  36. Printer Configuration
  37. Installing Printers
  38. Samba Printer
  39. Managing services
  40. Managing Users
  41. Program Scheduler
  42. Software Management
  43. Installing CUPS

Installing CUPS Using the Package Manager

From the package manager in the control center.

  • Click on install software

This launches the package manager for software installation….

Software Packages Installation
Fig 4.23

You have three options:

  • Search by choices
  • List by alphabetical order, or
  • All packages by group.
  • Leave as default and enter the name of the application
  • Click on the search button.
  • On the search result, click on the correct package

Note: When you click on packages, some of them require additional packages called dependencies. Click on the package and read the description to the right.

  • Click on install
  • Enter the appropriate CDs and Click OK

You will be prompted when the installation is finished; you may also see a warning like the following.

Installation finished
Fig 4.24

This message appears if you just uninstalled, and are installing it again. If you see this message click on inspect and remove save file; that helps to keep the system clean.

- When finished click Ok.

- Click OK.

  • Go to services and start cups

Note: You don't usually see this message when you are installing for the first time.

Uninstalling software/packages

Remove software The procedure of uninstall is almost the same, launch the remove software icon the uninstall wizard opens. You can do a search on the package, select the package and click on Remove.
After uninstall is complete, just click on Quit.

Accessing cups via web browser

The cups server must be installed and service running or you won't be able to access it.
There are two ways to start this session:

  • Start => Configuration => Printing

You will have several printing options in your printing menu.

CUPS WWW Admin tool
Fig 4.25

From your menu select Cups www admin tool

  • Open your web browser, type the domain name or IP address and port 631
  • http://localhost:631
  • IP:

    Fig 4.26

    This tool is so easy to use, and you should find your way out without problem.