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  1. Agustin's Linux Manual
  2. Multimedia & Hardware Installation
  3. About the Author
  4. Contents
  5. Multimedia
  6. Default Audio Setting
  7. Audio Application
  8. The Play Directory
  9. The Equalizer
  10. Options Sub-menu
  11. Movies & DVDs
  12. Starting Xine
  13. Video Conferencing
  14. GnomeMeeting's Main Window
  15. The Desktop
  16. Office
  17. Networking
  18. Multimedia Submenu
  19. Web Browsers
  20. Installing New Hardware
  21. Loading Modules for Hardware
  22. Introduction to IDEs
  23. Tweaking the Hard Drive
  24. Setting (U) DMA
  25. Installing a CD/RW
  26. Floppy Disk, Zip Drives
  27. Installing USB Devices
  28. Fire wire IEEE 1394
  29. Using the CD-Writer

Mandrake 9.1 (default audio setting is on mute)

On Mandrake 9.1 you may not be able to hear sound yet, for some reason by default the Mixer is set to MUTE ALL. If that is the case follow the following instruction to uncheck the mute option.

  • From the Multimedia menu => Sound
  • Find and click on Aumix


Open a virtual terminal and type aumix on your command line and you should see the mixer pop up.

  • On the aumix menu click on the mute option uncheck the Mute all.

Launch the CD-Player and you should be able to hear the sound.

Fig 5.2

You may also have to consider checking the aRts sound server option, figure 5.3. Make sure it is enabled to start on KDE start up. If it is not enabled, enable it and restart the system. On any other version of Linux it may be worth checking the sound server option in case you are having difficulties getting it to sound.

Sound System - KDE Control module
Fig 5.3

Depending on your computer's BIOS ability, you may additionally manage the IRQ settings allocation starting at boot in your /etc/lilo.conf. To do this edit lilo.conf and find the line that says append, and insert the pci=biosirq at the end of that line.

Make note that assigning allocation of IRQs in lilo.conf is just an alternative if your system is having trouble allocating resources. To learn more about resources use dmesg as indicated in Chapter 7 installing hardware.