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  1. Agustin's Linux Manual
  2. Multimedia & Hardware Installation
  3. About the Author
  4. Contents
  5. Multimedia
  6. Default Audio Setting
  7. Audio Application
  8. The Play Directory
  9. The Equalizer
  10. Options Sub-menu
  11. Movies & DVDs
  12. Starting Xine
  13. Video Conferencing
  14. GnomeMeeting's Main Window
  15. The Desktop
  16. Office
  17. Networking
  18. Multimedia Submenu
  19. Web Browsers
  20. Installing New Hardware
  21. Loading Modules for Hardware
  22. Introduction to IDEs
  23. Tweaking the Hard Drive
  24. Setting (U) DMA
  25. Installing a CD/RW
  26. Floppy Disk, Zip Drives
  27. Installing USB Devices
  28. Fire wire IEEE 1394
  29. Using the CD-Writer


Fig 6.7

Didn't I tell you that you could have everything for free? Here it is!... what else could you ask for when you have everything in the disktribution Disk. The picture to your left is OpenOffice. If you have installed KOffice, which is included in the CD set; you could double the list on this picture, but wait there is more.

I have not mentioned wordperfect, that you can download separately. Sometimes word perfect is included as a bundle when you buy a new motherboard. Now if we compare the price of these applications to Office XP from microsoft. Office XP costs $500.00. Open costs $0.00.

Just point your browser to,, or browse the search engines to find faster mirror sites to download your favorite distribution; or go directly to to download the office application.

With OpenOffice you can do everything you want. It can even open documents written in Office XP. It is fully compatible and more complete than ever.

The following picture is a screen shot of Open office word processor; it has all the features that you need. If you have used Microsoft office before, there is no big difference except that Open office would be more reliable. But of course you will decide about that. You may go out and spend $500.00 or use some time on the internet to download free.

I think that the open source community is part of our freedom of speech, so why not support it. It saves us money, it helps us to accomplish and get our jobs done, and it is a complete office suite.

I know what you are saying… but I cannot run it on my Windows XP! Assumption is not always the answer, did you wait to read this book to find out that you can install it on any windows machine. But why on windows, I don't have anything against Microsoft but man XP and Millennium are the worst operating systems they had made throughout the years. Don't ask me why, because I could write a complete book about it. Trust me I am an expert with Microsoft products and I know the ins and out of their products. If you don't believe me, just ask anyone who knows about computers how long windows millennium was on the market and why they discontinued it.

Open Office
Fig 6.8

If you happen to be a very wealthy individual and you love computers, you probably don't mind spending $500.00. If that is the case, buy Linux boxed suite from any distributor. I am very confident that it won't const you $500.00. It will really help the open source community to keep working and make a better future for everyone including you and -your child if you have one.

Now if you are poor like me, it is ok to download from the Internet. I am sure that when you learn how to use Linux and all its accompanied free software; some day if you remember what it is to be poor, you will contribute too. In the mean time enjoy the freedom of open source.

(Fig. 6.9) is a screen shot of the spreadsheet.

Open Office
Fig 6.9

If you were concerned about how to use Linux as your regular desktop, probably this is the answer. Believe me if there is anything that you use and is popular among users it is most likely that it is already available for Linux, if not probably it is being developed at this moment.

Do you love math? Here is a nice application that you can use for all your math problems.

Open Office
Fig 6.10

The Open Office also comes with the presentation application called impress or use KPresenter; a power point assimilation. If you are a user that spends most of the time in front of public presenting projects, this application is for you.

There is more…

What about the organizer?

New Calendar - KOrganizer
Fig 6.11

This is the best organizer I have ever seen. Where can you get an organizer like this for free? You have to try this. You can even use a scheduler to remind you.

I could continue telling you what things are on Linux that you could use but wouldn't it be better if you explore it yourself?

The explanation of how to use all these applications is beyond the scope of this book. My intention for writing this book is to give you a full understanding. I am planning on writing other books for applications, Linux security and others, but that will only depend on the response of people like you. Remember, it is work and time consuming. In the future you may visit my main two websites ( , ). You may find some goodies there...