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  1. Agustin's Linux Manual
  2. Multimedia & Hardware Installation
  3. About the Author
  4. Contents
  5. Multimedia
  6. Default Audio Setting
  7. Audio Application
  8. The Play Directory
  9. The Equalizer
  10. Options Sub-menu
  11. Movies & DVDs
  12. Starting Xine
  13. Video Conferencing
  14. GnomeMeeting's Main Window
  15. The Desktop
  16. Office
  17. Networking
  18. Multimedia Submenu
  19. Web Browsers
  20. Installing New Hardware
  21. Loading Modules for Hardware
  22. Introduction to IDEs
  23. Tweaking the Hard Drive
  24. Setting (U) DMA
  25. Installing a CD/RW
  26. Floppy Disk, Zip Drives
  27. Installing USB Devices
  28. Fire wire IEEE 1394
  29. Using the CD-Writer

The Options Sub-menu

Audio I/O plugins

If you are unable to play your CD, check on preferences and make sure the plugins for CD Audio Player is enabled.

Fig 5.16

The output plugins might be aRTS for KDE or OSS Driver for Gnome.

Note. I myself use KDE with OSS Driver, Works fine.

The Effect/General Plugins: This tab holds a set of effect plugins for voice removal, and echoing. With the appropriate configuration this panel allows you to control XMMS with your stereo, TV or VCR's remote control.

Visualization Plugins: You can select the plugins that satisfy you, while you are playing your music.

The Options tab: Here you can fully customize XMMS by adding or removing features.

Selecting Skins

While the player is active, by pressing Alt+S keys, you can select an amazing beautiful skin for the player. Scroll through all of them until you find the one you like.

Sunn Multimedia system
Fig 5.17

Checkout figure 5.18, it is the skin browser. You can select one manually or you can select them at random, it is your choice. You can also import your favorite from winAmp to: .xmms/Skins directory.

Skin Selector
Fig 5.18

For additional skins you can visit: