You can use XMMs to listen to your favorite radio channels; use Shift + click to save the channel or manually save the channel, once saved just add it to your list.,

The Kscd CD Player

The KDE Small Simple CD player

Kscd CD
Fig 5.19

KDE Menu => Multimedia => Sound => KSCD (CD Player)

Freedb Dialog

FreedbThe second button at the bottom is a database to store pre-configured list such as the Artist's name, song's tile, etc. You can also program the play order separated by commas.

Configure KSCD

KscdThe next important button is the KSCD configuration button. The KSCD panel has several options that you can use for customization. The panel allows you to enable special features, such as:

This panel also offers an option to set a remote Freedb. Upload records via SMTP. Using the remote freedb, gives you access to the Compact Disc Database hosted on cddbp 888 -

If you want to upload or submit songs to the freedb server, you can use the SMTP tab. You will only need to enter your SMTP address and the port (25 the outgoing port by default) and enter a valid e-mail address.

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Simple, but beautiful!