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  1. Agustin's Linux Manual
  2. Networks & Servers
  3. About the Author
  4. Table of Contents
  5. IP Addresses Networks and Subnets
  6. Network Classes
  7. IP Address in Decimal Notation
  8. Sub-netting
  9. Designing Subnets
  10. Allocating Subnets
  11. Defining Host Addresses
  12. Variable Length Subnet Mask
  13. Routing Protocols
  14. Classless Internet Domain Routing
  15. Servers - Chapter 9
  16. Apache Web Server
  17. Configuring Apache
  18. Uploading Web Pages
  19. Apache Overview
  20. MIMEMagic
  21. DNS Servers
  22. Welcome to Webmin
  23. Creating the Master Domain
  24. Adding the Reverse Zone
  25. Querying the DNS server
  26. Adding Virtual Domain to DNS Server
  27. Reverse Zone for Virtual Zone
  28. Binding IP Address for Virtual Domain
  29. Virtual Web Hosting
  30. DNS Security Options
  31. FTP Server
  32. Securing the FTP Server
  33. Email Server
  34. Postfix Configuration
  35. Dealing with Identical Users
  36. Configuring Email Clients
  37. Configuring Outlook
  38. Samba Server
  39. Configuring SAMBA Server
  40. The smb.conf File
  41. smb.conf Analysis
  42. Adding Users to Samba


Agustin's Linux Manual

Volume 4

Chapter 8

Introduction to networks
IP addressing and class
Class A network
Class B network
Class C network
Other Networks
IP addressing in decimal notation
How the extended network prefixes work
Network engineering
Allocating subnets
Defining host addresses for each subnets
Variable length subnet mask
Designing variable length subnet mask
Routing protocols
Classless Internet Domain Router

Chapter 9

Apache web server
Typical static configuration
Configuring the Apache web server
Upload the web pages
Forwarding the registered Domain name
Apache overview
Apache modules
DNS servers
Setting up the DNS server
Welcome to Webmin
Creating the master domain /forward zone
Adding the reverse zone
Querying the DNS server
Adding a virtual domain
Adding the reverse zone for the virtual domain
Binding the IP address to the virtual domain
Virtual Web Hosting
Word of caution
Slave DNS servers
DNS security options
Protecting against spoofing
FTP servers
Securing the FTP server
Restricting users and hosts
Postfix email server
Postfix configuration
Virtual domains with postfix
Identical users in the system
Forwarding emails
Which clients can relay mail
Which domains can relay mail
Configuring email clients
Configuring Kmail
Configuring Outlook express/ Outlook
Samba Server
Configuring samba server
Adding users to samba