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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Hardware Issues
  4. Filesystems
  5. Networking
  6. Security
  7. Servers
  8. Services
  9. Utilities
  10. Control Panel
  11. Printing
  12. Performance Monitor
  13. Network Monitor
  14. Event Viewer
  15. Other Issues
  16. User Accounts
  17. Groups
  18. Policies
  19. User Rights
  20. Auditing
  21. System Policies
  22. Sharing
  23. Profiles
  24. Roaming Profiles
  25. Domains
  26. Server Management
  27. Directory Replication
  28. License Management
  29. Client Administrator
  30. Netware Tools
  31. Macintosh Support
  32. RAS Server
  33. SNMP
  34. DHCP
  35. DNS
  36. WINS
  37. Mail Service
  38. Internet
  39. Internet Information Server
  40. Routing and Firewalls
  41. Items to Remember
  42. Terms
  43. Credits

Windows NT Networking

Networking Support

  • NetBEUI - Allows over 254 sessions in version 3.0, but is not routable.
  • IPX/SPX - Has network numbering scheme weakness. Does not support SNMP.
  • TCP/IP - Required for WINS and is routable.
  • AppleTalk - Not TDI compliant, but is routable.
  • DLC

In TCP/IP, a DHCP server can configure the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway address, and DNS server address for the client computer. The network session layer supports NetBIOS, named pipes, RPC, netDDE, and most interprocess communications mechanisms.

Network Operating systems

  • NetWare3.12 - Fast. Does not support logon to multiple servers at one time. Cannot execute non NetWare programs on the server. Uses cooperative multitasking.
  • NetWare 4.x - Allows logon to multiple servers at one time. Provides directory services. Can run programs in separate memory.
  • Banyon Vines - Runs on top of UNIX systems. Uses protocols to control client access to host UNIX systems. Provides directory services. Windows NT StreetTalk service component allows Banyon Vines networks to migrate to NT.
  • UNIX
  • Macintosh

Network Capability

Using more than 75% of the values may cause network problems.

Network TypeCapacity
10Mhz Ethernet100
Token Ring200
100Mhz Ethernet500
1G Ethernet Fiber channel10000
ATM-155 OC-31000
ATM OC-12 (622M)4000
ATM OC48 (2.2G)16000
ATM OC192 (8.8G)48000

Servers may be centrally located on a fast backbone with each group connecting to the backbone, or the servers may be distributed on slower networks with each group and managed by each group.

Networks and Backbones

Some networks:

  • ATM-25 - 25 Mbps
  • ATM-155 - 155Mbps


  • FDDI - 100Mbps
  • ATM - Uses high speed circuit switching in star hierarchies. May have problems with large TCP/IP packets.
  • Ethernet - 1G over fiber optic has high cost. Full duplex fast ethernet is lower cost, but has distance limitations.

Client Load

Client TypeLoad
Diskless DOS6
Power Macintosh3
X terminal3
Diskless Windows9
Windows 954
NT Workstation5
UNIX Workstation5
TCP/IP print server10