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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Hardware Issues
  4. Filesystems
  5. Networking
  6. Security
  7. Servers
  8. Services
  9. Utilities
  10. Control Panel
  11. Printing
  12. Performance Monitor
  13. Network Monitor
  14. Event Viewer
  15. Other Issues
  16. User Accounts
  17. Groups
  18. Policies
  19. User Rights
  20. Auditing
  21. System Policies
  22. Sharing
  23. Profiles
  24. Roaming Profiles
  25. Domains
  26. Server Management
  27. Directory Replication
  28. License Management
  29. Client Administrator
  30. Netware Tools
  31. Macintosh Support
  32. RAS Server
  33. SNMP
  34. DHCP
  35. DNS
  36. WINS
  37. Mail Service
  38. Internet
  39. Internet Information Server
  40. Routing and Firewalls
  41. Items to Remember
  42. Terms
  43. Credits

Other Issues

Strange Resources

If a resource appears that the administrator can't remove, it may be a resource that occurred with a previous installed copy of NT. This resource may be owned by the old administrator whose SID does not exist anymore. The new administrator can delete it by first taking ownership of it.


If your system boots from an IDE drive and you have a SCSI controller on the system. No SCSI device should have an ID number of 0.

Network Utilization

It network utilization is at a 30% or greater sustained value, segmentation or a new media is needed.

System/Program Operation

  • The access database uses file sharing rather than as an application so network system optimization for access intensive functions should be for file sharing.
  • Logon and WINS services are network application client server functions.