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Windows NT Directory Replication

Logon scripts and system policy files must be replicated to BDCs to be effective. Usually they are placed in Winnt_Root\system32\repl\import\script. Directory replication is intended only for small files.

Directories are copied automatically from an "export server" to an "import server". NT Workstations may be import servers, but only NT Servers may be import and export servers. The import or export action can be from or to the domain which allows other computers on the domain the proper access.


  • Open files cannot be replicated.
  • Files only go from the export to the import server.

This service is not intended to synchronize files that are changed by clients on multiple machines. Also it is intended for small files and is not recommended to be used across WAN connections.

Setting up the Service

The replicator service should belong to the REPLICATOR and the BACKUP OPERATORS groups.

  1. Create a replication user - Use the "User Manager for Domains". When creating the user select "User cannot change password" and "Password never expires". Also be sure the "Must change password at next logon" box is not checked. Make this user a member of the Replication and Backup Operators group. Under "policies" and "user rights" add the replicate user right to this user and select "Logon as Service".
  2. Set up the export server - Use the "Server Manager" or Server applet in the control panel if configuring locally. Using "Server Manager" the PDC and BDCs can be configured.Select the "services" section of the computer. If done locally, the server applet in the control panel may be used. Set the "directory replicator" service to start automatically. Select the "This Account" radio button and enter the name of the replicant account created in the first step and enter the password. If the "To List" is blank, the export server will try to export to all import servers on the domain.
  3. Start the replicator service.
  4. Set up the export directory - Use the "Server Manager". Select the computer, and select "properties". Click on "replication" and click "add" to add the export directory.
  5. Set up the import directory -
  6. Make sure the replicator service starts automatically on each import server.

The directory replication service uses export and import directories on the servers to get and store retrieved directories. The export directory is "\Winnt\System32\Repl\Export". The import directory is "\Winnt\System32\Repl\Import". Only directories placed in the "Export" directory will be exported. Individual files in the "Export" directory that are not in subdirectories will not be exported. If your directory replication fails to work, check the Microsoft knowledge base. The export server can be configured to export from its own export directory to its own import directory.

If performing across domains, the directory replication user will need to be created on import servers on other domains. If importing on the same domain, setting up a directory replication user on the importer is not necessary.

Import Directory Status

The Server Manager reports conditions of the import files. Check the status column of exch directory of the "Import" directory. In the replication configuration dialog box, clicking manage on the import side allows viewing of the status.

  • OK
  • No Master - The export server may not be working or exporting updates.
  • No Sync - Updates are being received, but the contents of this directory are not yet updated.

If the entry is blank, replication never happened.

Registry settings for Replication

The Registry location:


Contains the following settting:

  • interval - Changes the replication interval in minutes.
  • guardTime - The amount of time in minutes for changes to settle.

Platforms that can only be an Import Server

  • NT Workstation
  • OS/2