The CTDP Windows 2000 Professional Guide Version 0.5.0 Sept 30, 2001

This document is under construction and is not complete!

Controls and Options

  • Personalized Start Menu
  • Offline folders and Synchronization Manager allows copying of files and folders between clients and servers. The synchronization manager compares the files and folders and can synchronize their contents.
  • Task Scheduling from a Task Scheduler GUI interface
  • Backup utility
  • Disk Defragmenter


  • Add/Remove hardware wizard
  • Control Panel
    • System - drivers, etc.
    • Power Options
      • Standby - Pwoers down the hard drive and monitor.
      • Hibernation - Writes memory contents to disk and powers down enabling the memory contents to be loaded directly from the drive the next time the system is booted.
    • Network and Dial up connections - Used to set up networking.
  • System Information snap-in. Nodes:
    • System Summary
    • Hardware Resources
    • Components
    • Software Environment
    • IE 5 - configuration settings
  • Device Manager - Run from the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or the Administrative Tool called "Computer Management". Tabs:
    • General
    • Device Properties
    • Driver
    • Port Settings
    • Properties
    • Resources
  • File Signature verification utility - Used to determine what files have been changed by applications and determines what files on the computer do not have digital signatures. To run, select "Start", "Run", and type "sigverif" in the text box, then press ENTER.
  • How to create local user accounts by using the Administrative Tool called "Computer Management". To create local users, click "Local Users and Groups".
  • Document user account properties box which is opened by right clicking the user and selecting "Properties". Tabs:
    • General
    • Member Of
    • Profile


  • Plug and play
  • DirectX
  • Ability to mount files or folders on already existing dirve volumes (dirve letters).
  • The digital signing of drivers from manufactures for hardware dirvers is supported. Driver signing options:
    • Ignore
    • Warn
    • Block

Builtin Groups

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